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KNECT Pergola post wall and railing bracket for 4×4 Wood Posts | Pack 8

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KNECT is our accent post connectors. They allow you to create fence like additions or straight across living walls with 4x4 pcs of wood. All wood screws included in the box.

KNECT is our multi-purpose bracket. It allows you to build a semi-private post wall or fence-like accent on your pergola structure. 

  • 8 x KNECT Pergola Post Wall and Railing Bracket for 4x4 Wood Posts
  • # 32 Flex Robertson/Phillips drive with match to paint black caps


  • *Key Note* 4x4 is a size reference.  The most common wood is actually 3.5″ x 3.5″ with rounded edges. Some types have sharp edges or are a true 4″x4″ and will not fit.  Also note that fresh pressure treated wood or wet wood will be swollen, we advise installing with dry wood
    • *TIP* – we often take a bracket with us when purchasing lumber, slide it on the ends of the wood to ensure proper fit

Pergola System KNECT brackets are not a safety railing bracket. Review your local railing/building codes for regulations regarding railing requirements. 

3 reviews for KNECT Pergola post wall and railing bracket for 4×4 Wood Posts | Pack 8

  1. David

    Love this company’s products. We have made 2 purchases from them and just keep adding on to my patio shade structure. Very easy to put the various pieces to great use.

  2. Rinn

    ขอบคุณ Pergola

  3. Gabriella

    Excelente producto, gran diseño.
    Muy recomendable para los demás.
    Muchas gracias

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