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PERGOLA KIT with 2 shades sail for 4X4 wood posts

(15 customer reviews)


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Pergola System Asia offers a modern approach to style & design along with affordability, quick assembly, and quality craftsmanship.  

  • *Key Note* 4×4 is a size reference.  The most common wood is actually 3.5″ x 3.5″ with rounded edges. Some types have sharp edges or are a true 4″x4″ and will not fit.  Also note that fresh pressure treated wood or wet wood will be swollen, we advise installing with dry wood
    • *TIP* – we often take a solo bracket with us when purchasing lumber, slide it on the ends of the wood to ensure proper fit
  • Included in the kit:
    • 4x 3-WAY corner brackets
    • 4x BASE brackets
    • 2x SHADE SAIL of chosen sizes
    • All screws & brackets to connect our parts to wood
  • Excluded from the kit
    • Surface securing hardware
    • Wood
  • Metal Parts:
    • 14 gauge coated steel
    • 10 year outdoor powder coating


Shade Fabric:

  • 100% Synthetic HDPE (high density polyethylene) knitted fabric
  • 5 year fade resistance, easy to wash and keep clean
  • Stain-resistant and will not mold or mildew
  • Strong tension straps and buckles to pull the shade tight and flat
  • 5 minutes to take down for winter / major storms
  • All hardware included to attach to wood
  • *Note* the unfolded size will seem small, if you’re checking the size, please pull the shade as tight as you can and then measure it
  • Available sizes 8x8, 8x10, 8x12, 10x10, 10x12, 12x12
  • Colors : Dark GREY, Light GREY, Cream WHITE

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8×8 + 8×8 include Shade Sail, 8×8 + 8×10 include Shade Sail, 8×10 + 8×10 include Shade Sail, 8×12 + 8×12 include Shade Sail, 8×10+ 10×10 include Shade Sail, 8×12 + 10×12 include Shade Sail, 10×10 + 10×10 include Shade Sail, 10×10 + 10×12 include Shade Sail, 10×12 + 10×12 include Shade Sail, 10×12 + 12×12 include Shade Sail

15 reviews for PERGOLA KIT with 2 shades sail for 4X4 wood posts

  1. Robert

    Unlike any other product on the market
    Great product and awesome customer service!
    Their product will outlast my house

  2. Martin from Canada

    This product worked exactly as it was meant to with room/product options for us to build whatever we could dream of. It was so easy to use and we love the final product. Awesome Company, high quality products.

  3. Kwan


    • Edgi


  4. Brian

    These systems are extremely well made!
    Hard to find quality like this today! Well worth it!

  5. Mel

    5 star! Highly recommended.
    Hope to deal with you again. Thank you
    Pergola System Asia

  6. David

    Love this company’s products. We have made 2 purchases from them and just keep adding on to my patio shade structure. Very easy to put the various pieces to great use.

  7. Rolf Larsen

    Great product delivered on time!
    Everything lined up, I thought I was a contractor or something.

  8. Kristine

    Great product looks fantastic. Just what we were looking for to shade our back patio. Went up nice and easy.
    Fast shipping and customer service was also so easy to work with.

  9. Justin B

    Very nice and strong. We like it

  10. Вадим из Санкт-Петербурга

    Очень хорошая беседка. Детали высшего качества. 5 звезд для вас, ребята

  11. Simona

    A product set that exceeds their Ads.
    Thanks guys and we wish you all the best
    Simona from Sweden

  12. Jessica

    Nice. After 3,5 hours our garden look completely different and we are very pleasant with our new pergola.
    Many stars guys.
    Jessica NY

  13. Ricardo

    best of the best.

  14. Daren

    Very nice pergola and thanks for quick shipping. Good luck guys

  15. greg B

    Excellent product. Good quality, looks amazing and superb customer service. Will be buying more

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