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4-WAY Extension bracket for 4X4 wood posts | Pack 1

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4-WAYS is our 4 arm pergola extension bracket, it allows you to connect 2 or more pergolas together for larger shaded space! Multiple 4-WAY’s and 5-WAY’s can create expansive shade structures.

Pergola System Asia offers a modern approach to style & design along with affordability, quick assembly, and quality craftsmanship  

  • *Key Note* 4x4 is a size reference.  The most common wood is actually 3.5″ x 3.5″ with rounded edges. Some types have sharp edges or are a true 4″x4″ and will not fit.  Also note that fresh pressure treated wood or wet wood will be swollen, we advise installing with dry wood
    • *TIP* – we often take a bracket with us when purchasing lumber, slide it on the ends of the wood to ensure proper fit
  • Metal Parts:
    • 14 gauge coated steel
    • 10 year outdoor powder coating
    • # 16 Flex Robertson/Phillips drive with match to paint black caps

1 review for 4-WAY Extension bracket for 4X4 wood posts | Pack 1

  1. Joseph

    Great product. Easily worked their components into my design. They even allowed me to return unused pieces as I worked through my first install with their product

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