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BASE Pergola post base and wall mount brackets for 4×4 wood posts | Pack 2

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Pergola BASE are your post base and wall bracket. The flange has 4 oversized holes that will allow you to secure to deck, concrete, ground or any other surface you choose. All wood screws included in the box, you must buy securing hardware separately.

Pergola System Asia offers a modern approach to style & design along with affordability, quick assembly, and quality craftsmanship.  

  • *Key Note* 4x4 is a size reference.  The most common wood is actually 3.5″ x 3.5″ with rounded edges. Some types have sharp edges or are a true 4″x4″ and will not fit.  Also note that fresh pressure treated wood or wet wood will be swollen, we advise installing with dry wood
    • *TIP* – we often take a bracket with us when purchasing lumber, slide it on the ends of the wood to ensure proper fit
  • Metal Parts:
    • 12 gauge coated steel
    • 10 year outdoor powder coating
    • # 16 Flex Robertson/Phillips drive with match to paint black caps

2 reviews for BASE Pergola post base and wall mount brackets for 4×4 wood posts | Pack 2

  1. Joseph

    Great product. Easily worked their components into my design. They even allowed me to return unused pieces as I worked through my first install with their product

  2. Gary

    These brackets worked well for securely fastening the posts of the pergola to my existing deck.

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